Hot pressed graphite has a wide range of applications

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Hot-pressed graphite is a high-purity graphite material with excellent physical, chemical and thermal properties. Because of its good conductivity, thermal conductivity, mechanical properties and chemical stability, it is widely used in aerospace, power, electronics, chemical, metallurgy, machinery and other fields.

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The preparation process of hot-pressed graphite is mainly to heat graphite particles or graphite chips to high temperature, and then compress them into bulk materials with a certain density. There are many ways to prepare hot-pressed graphite, including isothermal hot-pressing, non-isothermal hot-pressing, rapid hot-pressing, plasma hot-pressing, etc.

The products of hot-pressed graphite are in various forms, mainly including plate, block, sheet, strip, powder, etc. Among them, plate and block are the two most commonly used forms, which are widely used in electrode materials, electric heaters, vacuum furnaces, aerospace, high-temperature structural parts, chemical reactors and other fields.

Hot-pressed graphite has the following excellent properties:

Good conductivity: hot-pressed graphite has excellent conductivity, more than 10 times that of ordinary graphite, so it is widely used as electrode material.

Excellent thermal conductivity: hot-pressed graphite has excellent thermal conductivity, and the thermal conductivity can reach more than 2000W/m • K. Therefore, hot-pressed graphite is widely used in electric heaters, vacuum furnaces, high-temperature heat exchangers and other fields.

Good chemical stability: hot-pressed graphite also has good stability under high temperature and chemical corrosion environment, and is not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation.

Excellent mechanical properties: hot-pressed graphite is a high-strength material with excellent compression, bending and crack resistance.

Good processing performance: the hot-pressed graphite has excellent processing performance, and can be cut, drilled, turned, milled and other cutting processes according to different needs.

In a word, hot-pressed graphite is a kind of high-purity graphite material with excellent performance and has a broad application prospect. It can not only meet the needs of different fields, but also customize production according to customers' needs to meet customers' different application requirements.

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