High purity graphite used in aerospace, power generation and semiconductors

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High-purity graphite refers to a graphite product with a purity of more than 99.99%. In today’s industrial manufacturing, high-purity graphite has important application value. It not only has good physical and chemical properties, but also has excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity and high temperature stability. Therefore, it is widely used in solar panels, aerospace industry, thermal power stations, vacuum high-temperature furnaces, semiconductors and other fields. This article will introduce the product description of high-purity graphite in detail.

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Product form

There are many kinds of high-purity graphite products, which can be produced into plates, blocks, pipes, bars, powders and other forms according to different uses.

1. Plate: High-purity graphite plate is produced by heating and compression process. Its main characteristics are extremely high density and strength, good uniformity, stable size, high surface finish, and consistent vertical and horizontal electrical properties. It is generally used in the fields of thermal partition, atmosphere protection plate, aerospace and so on in vacuum high-temperature furnace.

2. Block: high-purity graphite block is a product with irregular shape. Its manufacturing process is relatively simple and its cost is low. Therefore, high-purity graphite blocks are widely used in machining, electrode materials, valves, conductive materials, etc.

3. Pipes: high-purity graphite pipes are often used in chemical engineering under corrosive environment such as strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature and high pressure, such as tower kettle, heat exchanger, condenser, steam pipeline, etc.

4. Bar: High-purity graphite bar is also a very practical product, with a wide range of applications. It is usually used to manufacture electrodes, processing tools, copper contacts, photocathode gratings, vacuum tubes and thermal radiation plates of professional equipment.

5. Powder: powder is a high-purity graphite product with convenient storage and transportation, so it is widely used in polymer filling materials, electrode materials, electrochemical materials, anti-corrosion coatings, etc.

Product features

High-purity graphite has the following characteristics:

1. High corrosion resistance: high purity graphite can resist the erosion of different chemical media, such as oxidant, solvent, strong acid, strong alkali, etc.

2. High thermal stability: high-purity graphite has extremely high thermal stability and can withstand extremely high temperatures. Some products can work stably for a long time under high temperatures above 3000 degrees.

3. High conductivity and high thermal conductivity: high-purity graphite has excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, and its conductivity is better than that of copper metal, so it is widely used in the fields of electrodes, vacuum chambers and heating equipment.

4. High mechanical properties: high-purity graphite has good mechanical properties, and its strength and hardness are much higher than traditional steel materials.

5. Good processability: high purity graphite has excellent processing performance, which can be used for drilling, milling, wire cutting, hole lining and other processing, and can be made into any complex shape.

Application field of the product

The wide application of high-purity graphite can be roughly divided into the following aspects:

1. Vacuum high temperature chamber: high purity graphite plate is an indispensable material in vacuum high temperature furnace and atmosphere protection furnace, can withstand extremely high temperature and vacuum degree, and can ensure the safety and stability of articles in the high temperature furnace.

2. Anode material: Due to its high conductivity and stability, high-purity graphite is widely used in lithium ion batteries, lithium battery electrodes, vacuum valve tubes and other fields.

3. Graphite parts: high-purity graphite parts can be made into parts of various shapes, such as annular sealing washers, graphite molds, etc.

4. Aviation and aerospace fields: high-purity graphite plays an extremely important role in the aviation and aerospace fields, making aero-engine components with wear resistance, high temperature, high pressure and high speed performance, thermal conductivity and conductive gasket, thermal conductivity coating, composite materials, etc.

5. Graphite heater: Graphite heater is widely used in industrial heating furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, crucible electric furnace and other fields due to its high heating rate, high thermal stability and high energy saving.

6. Ash scale processor: High-purity graphite ash scale processor is a new type of environmental protection equipment, which can be used for the treatment of heavy metals, organic substances, styrene and other substances in industrial gas waste gas and industrial sewage.

Technical performance of high-purity graphite


Compressive strength Mpa(≥)


Ash content%(≤)


BulkDensity g/cm3(≥)



















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