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Copper graphite is a composite material containing copper powder and graphite, which is mainly used as a material for manufacturing conductive and thermal conductive parts. The following is the product description of copper graphite, including its characteristics, use, manufacturing process, quality requirements, etc.

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1. Good conductivity: copper graphite has excellent conductivity, and its resistivity is about 30% of that of pure copper, which can be used as a conductive material.

2. Good thermal conductivity: copper graphite has excellent thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity is about 3 times that of copper, which can be used as a thermal conductivity material.

3. Wear resistance and corrosion resistance: copper graphite has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be used to manufacture mechanical parts with high temperature, high pressure and high speed.

4. Good machinability: copper graphite can be easily processed and assembled, and can be used to manufacture parts of various shapes.


The main uses of copper graphite include:

1. Manufacturing conductive parts such as electrodes, brushes, electrical connectors, etc

2. Manufacture heat conduction parts such as heat conduction device and radiator

3. Manufacture of mechanical seals, bearings and other wear-resistant parts

4. Manufacturing high-tech products such as electronic components, semiconductor devices, solar cells

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of copper graphite is relatively simple, generally including the following steps:

1. Preparation materials: copper powder and graphite powder shall be mixed in a certain proportion, and a certain amount of lubricant and binder shall be added.

2. Preparation of molding body: press the mixed material into a molding body suitable for processing.

3. Drying and processing: dry the molding, and then process, such as turning, milling, drilling, etc.

4. Sintering: sintering the processed parts to form a solid copper graphite material.

Quality requirements

The quality requirements of copper graphite include the following aspects:

1. The electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity shall meet the standard requirements.

2. The appearance quality shall be intact without obvious cracks, inclusions and bubbles.

3. Dimensional accuracy shall meet the requirements of design drawings.

4. The wear resistance and corrosion resistance shall meet the use requirements.

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