What is the future trend of graphite products processing?

Although the deep processing technology of graphite products in China started relatively late, the deep processing of graphite products in China has also made great progress in recent years. Due to the improvement of graphite purification and pressing methods, the characteristics of graphite have been brought into full play, such as isostatic pressing graphite, EDM graphite, molded graphite, and special graphite. According to Xinruida’s understanding of graphite products processing over the years, graphite raw materials with different physical and chemical indicators are selected according to different uses of graphite products. Take the industry of monocrystalline silicon related to the solar photovoltaic industry as an example. The quality of graphite products determines the quality of monocrystalline silicon. Among them, the thermal field of single crystal furnace, the core part of Z is graphite crucible and graphite heater, graphite heat shield, graphite upper, middle and lower insulation barrels There are other graphite connecting parts such as inner and outer draft tubes, so the selection of graphite raw materials must be reasonable.

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We all know that jade can’t be cut into pieces, and graphite can’t be made into pieces without processing. Because graphite has excellent conductivity, lubricity, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and other metal materials that can’t be matched, the currently known graphite products can be used as conductive materials; Used as refractory material; As a corrosion resistant material; It can be used as wear-resistant and lubricating material; As a structural material for high-temperature metallurgy and high-purity material production; Used as casting mould and die; The use of graphite in the atomic energy industry and military industry, from graphite handicrafts to aerospace and other fields, we can see the shadow of graphite products. From the application fields of graphite products in known industries in China, we can easily see that the tentacles of graphite products have penetrated into various industries.

As the deep processing of graphite products in China started late, compared with the deep processing technology of graphite products in developed countries, these so-called graphite products in China can only be regarded as semi-finished graphite products, so compared with the world, the exploration of deep processing of graphite products in China is still far from developed countries. In this special transformation period with big data and ubiquitous science and technology, exploring the way to process graphite products is an important weight to reverse the situation of China’s graphite from low to high. In the Black Gold Age, exploring the deep processing of graphite products has been a long and long journey. The word “exploration” itself has difficulties and various thorns. Only by sticking to it and thinking more can we go further.

Post time: Dec-02-2022