Explain high-purity graphite and molded graphite

What is high-purity graphite and molded graphite? It is believed that many people do not know about high-purity graphite. Now, director Li of Jiuyi Seal will explain what high-purity graphite is and what molded graphite is:

High purity graphite, also known as molded graphite, means that the carbon content of graphite is more than 99.99%, and it has excellent conductivity, heat resistance, oxidation resistance, low resistor index, corrosion resistance, high purity, self-lubricating, heat shock resistance, anisotropy, and is convenient for high-precision mechanical processing. High purity graphite fish scale crystals are detailed, thin and ductile, and have excellent physical properties. It is an ideal carbon free raw material, widely used in aerospace, solar photovoltaic and semiconductor materials, steel rolling, hard alloy tools and electronic device mold sintering, spark discharge, laminated glass, mechanical equipment, energy and other manufacturing industries.

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The high-purity graphite has distinctive advantages in the production and processing of electric heater components, forging die construction, high-purity metal material tongs for smelting plants, electric heaters for single crystal furnaces, wire cut EDM graphite, sintering dies, rectifier tube anodizing, metal material coating, graphite tongs for semiconductor technology, sending rectifier tubes, thyratron, and graphite anodizing and grid for mercury arc ballasts. In particular, high-purity graphite with large specifications, models and high quality, as a substitute raw material, has wide indoor space for application in the field of new science and technology, and has a broad application prospect.

High purity graphite purification methods can be divided into two categories: one is wet purification, including heavy medium method, strong acid and strong base method, and hydrogen acid method; The other is fire purification, including isopropyl titanate calcination method and high temperature method.

For high-purity graphite, the main uses of molded graphite are:

It is widely used in refractory insulation materials and building coatings for iron and steel industry, explosive raw material stabilizer for national defense industry, pencil lead for light industry, motor carbon brush for electrical equipment industry, electrical grade for rechargeable battery industry, metal catalyst anti-corrosion agent for organic fertilizer industry, etc. After production and processing, high-purity graphite can also produce new scientific and technological products such as graphite emulsion, graphite rubber seals and polymer materials, graphite products, graphite antifriction preservatives, and become the key raw materials for mining enterprises in each industry sector.

Post time: Dec-02-2022