Application of Modern Graphite Products

1.Used as conductive material
Carbon and graphite products are widely used as conductive materials in motor processing and manufacturing, such as electric slip rings and carbon brushes. In addition, they are also used as carbon rods in batteries, lighting lamps, or electro optical carbon rods that cause electric light, as well as the anodic oxidation in mercury ballasts.

2. Used as fireproof material
Because carbon and graphite products are heat-resistant and have excellent high-temperature compressive strength and corrosion resistance, many metallurgical furnace linings can be built with carbon blocks, such as furnace bottom, iron smelting furnace hearth and bosh, non-ferrous metal furnace lining and carbide furnace lining, and the bottom and side of aluminum electrolytic cell. Many tongs used for smelting precious and non-ferrous metals, fused quartz glass tubes and other graphite tongs are also made of graphite billets. Carbon and graphite products are not used in air oxidation atmosphere as fire-proof materials. Because carbon or graphite burns rapidly at high temperature in air oxidation atmosphere.

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3. Used as anti-corrosion construction material
After being prepreg with organic chemical epoxy resin or inorganic epoxy resin, the graphite electrical grade has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, good heat transfer and low water permeability. This kind of pre impregnated graphite is also known as impermeable graphite, which is widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, chemical process, strong acid and strong alkali production, man-made fiber, paper industry and other industrial sectors. It can save many stainless steel plates and other metal materials. The production of impermeable graphite has become a key branch of carbon industry.

4. Used as wear-resistant and moistening material
Graphite wear-resistant materials can work in corrosive substances at a temperature of – 200 to 2000 ℃, and at a very high drag rate (up to 100 meters/second) without grease. Therefore, many refrigeration compressors and pumps that transport corrosive substances generally use engine pistons, sealing rings and rolling bearings made of graphite materials, which do not use lubricant.

5. As high-temperature metallurgical industry and ultrapure materials
The crystal material tongs, regional refining vessels, fixed supports, jigs, high-frequency heaters and other structural materials used for production and manufacturing are made of high-purity graphite materials. Graphite heat insulation plate and base are used for vacuum pump smelting. Heat resistant furnace body, rod, plate, grid and other components are also made of graphite materials.

6. As a mold and film
Carbon and graphite materials have low linear expansion coefficient, heat treatment resistance and temperature resistance, and can be used as glass containers and abrasives for light metals, rare metals or non-ferrous metals. The specification of castings obtained from graphite castings has a smooth and clean surface, which can be applied immediately or only slightly without production and processing, thus saving a lot of metal materials.

7. The application of graphite in the production of molecular industry and national defense industry has always been used as the material for speed reduction of atomic reactors, because it has excellent neutron speed reduction characteristics. Graphite reactor is one of the hot nuclear reactors in Z.

Post time: Dec-02-2022